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Butler Bay Beach: The Remote Island Of Andaman

Butler Bay Beach is placed in Little Andaman on the South Andaman Island. This extensive expanse of yellow sand and crystal clear waters used to be as soon as the most famous seashore vacation spot in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. However, after the grave tsunami in 2004, the seashore has grow to be extra desolate and isolated. Despite the latest tragedy, the seashore has no longer misplaced its attraction in the least and nonetheless holds the title of the first-rate browsing spot in the complete of India. The clear waters, which are best for many things to do alongside with surfing, mesh with the stunning and unspoiled yellow sands to create a seashore that can solely be considered in pictures. The hoard of activities can additionally be perused in accordance to the visitor’s whim. All round, Butler Bay Beach is a flawlessly secure and stunning seashore that precisely captures the essence of the Andaman Islands.

The seaside is very shut to a waterfall referred to as as the white surf which is really worth a visit. One can do different things to do like jungle trekking, elephant rides, boating etc.

Opening Hours

Butler Bay Beach is open 24 hours a day, each day of the week.

Best Time to Visit

Butler Bay Beach, like all different locations in Andaman, has great climate at some point of the year. However, the monsoon season, which is the months of June to September are typically prevented as the waters can be pretty dangerous, and the rain is extraordinarily heavy for the duration of these months.

How to Reach

The nearest airport to Butler Bay Beach is Port Blair. Additionally, Butler Bay Beach is 14 kilometres away from the Hut Bay Jetty.


Hotels and hut lodging are reachable close by so folks want now not fear about their stay. Carrying immoderate meals or water is additionally now not required.

Things To Do In Butler Bay Beach

1. Sea Surfing
Butler Bay Beach in Andaman is famous for its high-tide sea waves. This characteristic makes this seashore as a surfer’s paradise. You can discover the expert surfers and intermediate surfers attempting their first-class to lash out the high-tide waves. This seashore is no longer appropriate for beginners. It is really useful to watch others browsing if you do now not understand how to surf. You can discover many worldwide travelers which includes female surfers pumping up their adrenaline rush by way of escaping to waves protecting overhead on them. You need to be right here from April to June to see this seawater journey sports activities taking place on this busy beach. You can locate most of the overseas travelers browsing in the seawater.

2. Trekking In Butler Bay Beach Forest
Trekking is one of the extraordinary matters to do at Butler Bay Beach. You can locate lush inexperienced rain-forest cowl in the whole Little Andaman. This woodland will seem to be extra exceptional after the monsoon rains. December to June is the exceptional time to discover this woodland and loosen up on the lap of Mother Nature. You can breathe clean air as soon as in the Little Andaman wooded area cover. You will be amazed to see a amazing species of plants and fauna of this island. A day day trip is the exceptional to trek this wooded area and come again to the beach. This is a best region to take snap shots with the thick woodland as the background. You will experience cool in this wooded area even in the summer season season.

3. Snorkeling
Snorkeling at Butler Bay Beach is great to do when the sea tide is low. You can locate this seawater in emerald color, throughout the low tide or now not tides. You can get snorkeling gears on condo rent from this beach. It is beneficial to wear an extra security vest whilst going for snorkeling alone. This island has some of the special marine lifestyles and coral to see. One can locate small turtles, colour fish and colourful coral down the seawater. The turtles you see right here are one of the extant species. It is no longer recommended to damage them.

4. Explore The LightHouse
This lighthouse is an essential one in Little Andaman. This is due to the fact it publications the ships coming by way of the India Ocean and its neighborhood fishing boats. It is really helpful to attain the pinnacle of this lighthouse. You will be 134-ft above the imply sea degree when you attain the viewing place. You need to no longer forget about to take your image cameras. You can discover the vastness of the sea from the top. It will be eye-soothing to see the lengthy yellow sand Butler Bay Beach. If you are lucky, you can see a cruise ship passing with the aid of to attain Port Blair. You can additionally sight massive fish diving above the sea. It is the greatest area to take a 360-degree photograph of this beach, its surrounding woodland and the vastness of the Indian Ocean.

5. Kayaking
Sea kayaking is the quality for travelers who comprehend how to swim. Yet, these who do now not be aware of how to swim can do this seawater journey pastime through carrying swim vest. The novices should strive this endeavor at some stage in the low tide. Kayak leases are on hand in Butler Bay Beach. They cost you on an hourly basis. If you come below any of the Little Andaman journey tour packages, you will get a trainer who comes for tandem kayaking. Kayaking on this seaside when tides are excessive is now not protected for these who be aware of how to swim. You ought to return to shore as you can discover the sea waves are rising. 

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