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Mount Harriet National Park Andaman

Mount Harriet National Park was initially a save backwoods which was changed over into a National Park in 1979. It is the most elevated point around Port Blair and situated in the Ferargunj Tehsil of Port Blair. It's regular appeal and magnificence draws in a great deal of guests. The greenery wherever gives you huge feel that you are in a profound woodland. From the head of the pinnacle, one can get a great perspective on the Port Blair city, Ross Island and the Havelock Island. 

It is fundamentally a quiet and calm spot with a little yet all around kept up garden at the top, the topped off with the woods. Most piece of the recreation center is secured with timberland. The woods has a rich assortment of widely varied vegetation. A few determines of plants are found here. An assortment of fowls, reptiles, creatures of land and water, warm blooded creatures, butterflies lives here. The recreation center is notable for the creatures, for example, saltwater crocodiles, wild pigs, burglar crab and turtles. The recreation center has watch towers, Deer park, Guest House and Tourist sheds. The perspectives from the watch towers are unquestionably not a miss. 

The Mount Harriet National Park is one of the nearest wild region to the capital Port Blair. The recreation center contains the absolute most noteworthy tops in the Andaman Groups of Islands and is secured with thick evergreen and semi-evergreen timberland of remarkable common excellence. The whole national park frames a significant lump of the slope ranges in the eastern piece of South Andaman Island . The general rise of the tract fluctuates from ocean level to 459 meter. The greater part of the territory of this National Park lies on the Eastern slants. The geology shifts from steep sharp slants to delicate inclines with undulating landscape. A portion of the chief pinnacles are Mt. Koyob (459m), Mt. Hext (425m). Mt. Harriet (422m), Mt. Goodridge (376m), Mt. Woodworker (346m). The recreation center was cut out of a Reversed Forest in November 1996. The current region of the recreation center is and there is proposition to build the territory by 25.55 sq km by including Mount Harriet Peak and other close by regions. 

Vegetation in Mount Harriet 

The recreation center backings all significant backwoods types found in the Andaman's in particular Evergreen Forests (with five sub-types-Giant Evergreen woods, Andaman Tropical Evergreen woodlands, South Hilltop Tropical evergreen, Cane Brakes and Bamboo Brakes), Andaman Moist Deciduous Forests and Littoral Forests. So far 393 plant species have been accounted for from the recreation center, which incorporate 74 endemic and introduced species. Two new types of plants have as of late been portrayed from here, viz., Ceropygie andamanica and Drypetes ellis. An ephiphytic orchid Thrixspenmum merganser is another record for Andaman from the recreation center. 

Fauna in Mount Harriet 

This National Park is similarly wealthy in fauna riches. There are 27 types of reptiles and creatures of land and water revealed from the recreation center, including 12 endemic species. Another types of frog to be specific Rana Charlesdarwini has been depicted from the recreation center. Kind Cobra, Andaman Cobra and two settling marine turtles-Green Sea and Olive Ridley-are among the conspicuous reptiles detailed from here. 12 Species of well evolved creatures revealed from the recreation center including endemic Andaman pig, Shrew and Bats. 90 types of flying creatures of which 11 are endemic. The recreation center Is perceived as one of the significant Bird Areas under significant Bird Areas Program of the Birdlife International. 120 types of moths, including numerous new species. 

The most effective method to Get Here 

Mount Harriet National Park can be effortlessly reached by means of the customary transport administrations which are accessible from the Andaman Teal House to the National park. Ship or taxi administration is accessible from Chatham Wharf to Bamboo level; from here vehicles can be taken to arrive at Mount Harriet.Travellers with family should recruit a vehicle to arrive at this place and need to cross a short channel by ship, which will convey the vehicle also. 

Passage charges are required to get in the recreation center and tickets for the camera are additionally be given here. 


Woods rest houses are accessible in Mt. Harriet National park, which can be reserved through the backwoods division. It is situated in the timberland. (Charge cards are not acknowledged). Other housing choices are accessible at Havelock Island, Little Andaman Island, Neil Island, and Long Island and so forth. 

Offices : The recreation center has watch Towers, Children's Park, Rest House and Tourist courtesies near Mount Harriet top. An all around kept up nature trail interfaces Kala Pathar see point with the Rest House Complex. There is likewise a nature trail from Hope Town to the Park, which is about 4 km long. For the adventurists, there are trek courses from Mannarghat to Madhuban Beach (about 10 km long), and furthermore from Madhuban Beach to the Rest House (about 15 km). 

When To Visit 

The best season to visit the Mount Harriet National Park is between the long stretches of January to March, as the atmosphere here during this time is lovely and agreeable for an excursion. Trekking, Bird-Watching, Photography, Glimpse of History, Nature Viewing should be possible in Mount Harriet National Park. 

Different Activities 

Trekking through the recreation center is famous as it goes through an appealing sea shore a 2 Km trek prompting Kalapatthar sea shore for all the experience enthusiasts.The significant fascination for visitors visiting Mount Harriet is the normal trek up to Madhuban. The stroll along the characteristic path is one of the most fascinating encounters for any explorer coming to visit the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 

It is an exceptionally mainstream cookout spot where the voyagers can have an amazing time in the midst of the magnificence and appeal of nature. They can take long characteristic strolls, investigate the fauna and greenery of the spot and absorb the regular appeal and enchantment that encompasses this spot.

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